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in a typical enABLEr project

(1) Record a modest number of local citizens' descriptions in their own words of practices and desired outcomes relevant to the Workpackage's research area. Include specifics of any uses of commercial or public services or products. Assign each practice among categories set up from others' open-ended reports. A Project-agreed interview protocol for this will be on the enABLEr e-net. Load the data into the Project database; analyse and publish if the team wishes.

(2) Recruit a substantial number of local citizens willing to report their current timing of such practices and the states of their desired outcomes over the Internet at intervals of a few weeks for at least several months. The descriptions from stage (1) will have been loaded into enABLEs interactivity. The Partner can analyse and publish volunteered outcomes & frequencies of these practices.

(3) Provide local data to the EC and regional/national Government on citizens' access to the Internet as relevant to roll-out of, and further research through, a localised enABLE service.

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